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Amazing vision starts with the most sophisticated technology.  We start by measuring over 3,400 points of your vision mapping your prescription to 1/100th of a diopter and finish with state-of-the art digital eyewear measurements that customizes your glasses to the fit of your face.

Simply put, a new level of vision crafted just for you.

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The Lifestyle Eye Exam

Efficient and accurate.  The Lifestyle Eye Exam at The Optical. Co is designed to provide you with the most advanced eye exam experience.  From custom visual mapping and advanced digital retinal examinations, to no-puff glaucoma testing, The Lifestyle Eye Exam at The Optical. Co takes the "routine" out of the eye exam.

Book now, and experience the most efficient, state-of-the-art, eye exam for yourself. 

The Lifestyle Eye Exam: $75

Eye Exam + Contact Lens Exam

In addition to providing the most comprehensive eye exam, The Lifestyle Eye Exam + Contact Lens Exam will also provide you with the latest state-of-the-art contact lens technology available. 

Using advanced corneal mapping technologies, our Doctors are able to fit you in new, healthier contact lenses that provide amazing comfort all day long.

Eye Exam + Contact Lens Exam: starting at $129

Medical Eye Exam

Using advanced diagnostic technologies, your Doctor will complete a comprehensive examination of your eye's health.

Red eyes, eye pain, flashes, floaters, eye emergencies

Medical Eye Exam: $55

Contact Lens Fitting

Already have a valid glasses prescription but would like new contacts? The Contact Lens Fitting at The Optical. Co uses state-of-the art technologies to map out over 3,400 points of your eye to provide you with the best contact lenses available.

Contact Lens Fitting: starting at $66

Optical Services

Eyeglass Repairs and Adjustments

Glasses bent out of shape or in need of repair. The Optician has the experience and craftsmanship to bring your eyewear back to life.  Feel free to schedule an appointment or come at any time.

Eyeglass Repairs and Adjustments:  $5

Personalized Eyewear Selection

Trying on glasses at home is neat, but having a personalized shopping experience with a style professional is even better. Schedule today with your personal eyewear stylist or come in any time.

Personalized Eyewear Selection: Complimentary