Eye Care Products


Healthy eyes equals healthy vision. That's why The Optical. Co offers a selection of premium eye care products designed to keep your eyes, and your vision, happy & healthy.

All Eye Care Products offered at The Optical. Co are hand selected by a team of Doctors. This way you can be sure that you are only choosing from the very best products that are out there.



Pick up the best eye drops for your eyes at The Optical. Co. Have a question which is best for you? Feel free to contact us and our Optometrist will make a suggestion for you.


We Love Eyes

Eyelid Treatment & Makeup Remover

We Love Eyes is a natural, non-toxic product designed to make your eyes feel happier, brighter and look beautiful. It's the first cleansing system for the eyes developed and formulated by an Optometrist. We Love Eyes is safe for makeup removal or relief from dry eye & blepharitis symptoms.


Just as your body, your eyes need the right formula of essential vitamins and nutrients for best vision. Shop from our high quality selection of eye vitamins or click here to learn more.