Jason + Karen Equals Kirk and Kirk

It’s safe to say there is nothing quiet or boring about Kirk & Kirk eyewear, but Jason contends that many of their frames are easy to wear. “You can wear a midnight frame that’s blue and gray, and a guy can wear that to the bank—it’s how you wear it. Everything we do is about expressing your true colors. It’s about the individual, not only about how you express your personality but how you feel at a certain time on a certain day.” He believes most Kirk & Kirk fans are people who own several pairs of frames to reflect how they feel or what they’re doing. “The people who wear our glasses are rarely boring people. There’s always something going on, even if it’s not on their first layer, and that’s what those layers of colors on our frames represent—layers of personality. There are always layers to that person who wears the frame. And our glasses reflect those layers and facets.” 

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Spotlight: Garrett Leight

Adored by Hollywood elite and celebrities, Garrett Leight California Optical (GLCO) defines the new definition of California style with a collection of simple metals and quality acetates. Inspired by the California lifestyle, Garrett Leight sunglasses and glasses are classic and timeless.

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Once we crafted glass,

...we crafted vision.

It's been nearly one thousand years since the invention of optics. A single piece of glass made just thick enough to magnify images essentially bringing light into focus for all. Centuries later, in Northern Italy, the first Optician crafted the first pair of eyeglasses inventing the fashion icon that we know today.

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