Once we crafted glass,

...we crafted vision.

It's been nearly one thousand years since the invention of optics. A single piece of glass made just thick enough to magnify images essentially bringing light into focus for all. Centuries later, in Northern Italy, the first Optician crafted the first pair of eyeglasses inventing the fashion icon that we know today.

Fast forward seven hundred years and eyeglasses today are a staple in the fashion industry and our lives. Craftsmanship, design, and materials continually evolve as does the technology and optics. While the glass has since been replaced, the vision never goes away.

With Zyl, we wish to introduce you to the world of eyewear and fashion and the designers and craftsman that make it all possible. We'll sit down with innovators in the industry as well as feature quality lifestyle products for those that appreciate things made well.

Welcome to Zyl. 

The Optical. Co